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Data, voice and video networks all travel across structured cabling. This cabling is the backbone of your network infrastructure.  Wellman Technologies installs Cat5e and Cat6 cabling for new and existing commercial projects. We handle all aspects of the cabling process including running the cable in a tidy and safe fashion, installing data and phone jacks, testing the connections and punching down the cabling to a patch panel or telco block. Whether you are building a new commercial building, planning an office move or just upgrading existing infrastructure, Wellman Technologies can handle the project. Our costs are very competitive with anyone in the area.

Reasons for upgrading your existing network cabling include:

  • Eliminate Network Bottlenecks
  • Security Camera/Surveillance Systems
  • Upgrade to Gigabit LAN Switches
  • Voice Over IP (VoIP)
  • WiFi Access Points & Extenders

Call Wellman Technologies today at (270) 228-0111 to get a free quote on your next network cabling project.